Low Carbon Challenge is entering it’s 4th year. We’re taking a quick look back with some of the alumni to see how the challenge has helped them along their mission.

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Ryan and I set up Switched on Bikes through the Low Carbon Challenge. Our business rents out electric bikes from the Wellington Waterfront as well as offering guided tours and providing expert knowledge for those looking to buy an electric bike.

When were you part of the challenge?


How did the challenge help your business?

The Challenge really jump-started the idea! It made me work hard on creating a professional image for the business and got me talking succinctly about our vision. The events put on through the Challenge and our subsequent crowdfunding campaign raised our profile far quicker than I could have done otherwise.

Looking back, what were the biggest things the challenge helped you learn?
The Challenge showed me the potential of working collaboratively with other teams and seeking advice from experts. I have a tendency to work solo on an idea, so for me this was a good learning experience with a really positive outcome.

What’s coming up next for you that you are excited about?

We can’t fit all of our bikes in our current space, so we’re looking to expand to a new store soon. Once we have a larger space, we’ll also be able to expand our team and create more specialised roles for staff. More bikes, more people and more people on bikes!