Low Carbon Challenge is entering it’s 4th year. We’re taking a quick look back with some of the alumni to see how the challenge has helped them along their mission.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jenny Buckler, Co-founder of The Misprint Co. and we make good-looking notebooks out of your waste paper. Our mission is to close-loop New Zealand’s paper waste streams.

How did the Low Carbon challenge help your business?

The challenge was really helpful for us to build brand awareness and gain further connections with other people and local businesses. It was also a great place for us to rapidly test and validate.

We had idea to work with government and find a way to repurpose their paper. Result: we quickly found that the idea was never going to float so ditched it.

Looking back, what were the biggest things the challenge helped you learn?

We had always been thinking about doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money however, before the challenge we weren’t sure when would be a good time. Doing the challenge helped us become prepared and excited to launch our crowdfunding campaign. We also found the workshop run by Flick very helpful, it was awesome to have all our questions answered and it generated many cool ideas for our crowdfunding campaign.

What’s coming up next for you that you are excited about?

What’s next for Misprint? Well we are currently planning on scaling into Auckland. We have had a few strategic meetings about building a second hub up there. We still have a few things to work out but we can definitely see it happening in the near future. It’s exciting to be growing beyond Wellington and see the business starting to develop!