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Alumni stories: MEVO

July 5, 2017
Low Carbon Challenge is entering it’s 4th year. We’re taking a quick look back with some of the alumni to see how the challenge has helped them along their mission.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Erik Zydervelt, the Founding Director and CEO of Mevo, New Zealand’s first electric car share and the worlds first Climate Positive (Carbon Negative) car share.

When were you part of the challenge?


How did the challenge help your business?

The Low Carbon Challenge expanded our network, aided with stakeholder buy-in (especially with our close working relationship with WCC) and in turn policy change. It was also through the connections from the challenge that we landed our first advisor turned board member, Paul Atkins who is now chair of our board. We also validated our early development through selection in a funding grant.

Looking back, what were the biggest things the challenge helped you learn?

That the ‘experts’ are often busy with other areas of focus rarely doing enough or a good enough job in the area that you care about. If you want to see a change there, you have to drive it and bring as many people around with you as possible. If you have a vision, there is a real problem, and are willing to really push for it, the right support will come around you.

What’s coming up next for you that you are excited about? ​

We’ve just launched our second pod of cars in Wellington and poised to expand again very soon. We’re looking forward to seeing Wellington becoming a ‘MEVO city’ and on-demand transport being a driver of a regenerative economy.