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    The Low Carbon Challenge teams launched their fundraising campaigns at the Grand Finale to a packed Deloitte Lounge. Each team is scaling up their operations in unique, sustainable ways, and five are launching PledgeMe campaigns. They need your help.

    The Misprint Co.

    Making unique and good-looking notebooks from your waste paper​.

    They'll be launching soon! Read more about their campaign here! The Misprint Co. collects and repurposes waste paper into non-treated notebooks. They want to offer businesses a stepping-stone to behaviour change by making repurposing (before recycling) a part of their everyday waste minimisation. The Misprint Co. offers two services that target different customer needs: their Ecoloop and Offset services. For every dollar the Misprint Co. raise in their campaign, they are eligible to be matched-funded by the Wellington City Council.

    Kai Cycle (WorkerBe Oasis)

    An eco-friendly, affordable food waste collection service. ​

    Their PledgeMe campaign is live! Click here and help support a great composting initiative! Kai Cycle picks up food scraps from businesses in the CDB by electric bike and turn this into compost at their Newtown urban farm. From this compost, the team at WorkerBe Oasis grow fruit and vegetables. Half of food production supplies Kaibosh, in order to help alleviate food poverty in Wellington. The other 50 percent of produce is purchased by the business arm WorkerBe - a salads and smoothie business. They aim to become a self-sustaining, carbon negative food system and grow a network of urban farms.

    Space Between

    Waste is design gone wrong

    Space Between's PledgeMe Campaign has a stunner of a video! Pledge for Larissa! Space Between is a Massey University initiative that gives consumers an ethical alternative to the high-waste clothing industry. Its Fundamentals clothing line is manufactured using pre and post consumer waste, and with minimal or zero-waste techniques. It is an exciting space where designers have the opportunity to apply design thinking in closed-loop solutions, and thereby eliminate the creation of waste through the products, services, events education or research which they produce. Space Between wants the fashion industry to find a sustainable balance between design, manufacturing and consumption. Find out more here!

    Beeple (Common Unity)

    Enhancing the wellbeing of our children by the action of preserving our bees

    Beeple is creating a place to Bee...Click here for their PledgeMe campaign! Common Unity Project Aotearoa (CUPA) is a community farm project - based out of Epuni School - that grows food, cultivation skills and leadership among local families. CUPA is developing Beeple: it’s beehive and beekeeping service. Customers who sponsor a hive in their backyard or on Beeple land, are contributing to the 'Community Honey Pot.' The customer enjoys a share of the honey, and so does the community: Beeple sells some of the honey to sustain the business, and distributes the rest to Epuni School children. Local community members learn to service the hives, mentored by experienced beekeepers. They aim to launch in Spring 2016, and have plans to introduce education and workshops and build a community apiary. For every dollar Beeple raise in their campaign, they are eligible to be matched-funded by the Wellington City Council.


    Making collective buying easy

    Cobuy are a team of talented software developers who want to make collective buyer power easy, and will be launching their PledgeMe campaign soon! They are starting with building software to support two Petone-based food co-ops. Their Cobuy app will replace the time-consuming spreadsheets that the co-ops currently use to organise bulk purchases. The app will streamline this, and reduce supply-chain wastage in food purchasing and administration costs. With this simple but functional and accessible tool, co-ops and community-minded living can grow. Cobuy see the potential in the app's easy adaptability to other co-buying problems. For every dollar Cobuy raise in their campaign, they are eligible to be matched-funded by the Wellington City Council.

    Papertown Studio

    A unique line of zero-waste furniture

    Papertown Studio is in the process of designing and researching manufacturing of a unique line of zero-waste furniture. They want to offer kit-set furniture packages with easy-to-use instructions, but go a step further than legacy companies like Ikea: the packaging is integrated into the final product - the customer assembles their piece with no excess materials to dispose of - in addition to their zero-waste manufacturing. Papertown Studio’s products will tell a story about waste (or lack of it), and give the user a positive and educational experience when assembling their kit-set. And they went to San Francisco here!

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  • What's the Low Carbon Challenge?

    The teams have been working hard!

    The six teams were already ‘doing something great' in our Wellington community. What they needed was a bit of a boost, and were selected to take part in the Low Carbon Challenge 2016.  


    Now in it’s third year, the Challenge is an accelerator programme helping ventures in energy, transport and waste minimisation scale up their impact in lowering carbon emissions. A partnership between Enspiral and Wellington City Council, it wants to change the way Wellingtonians live, move and grow.


    As part of the Challenge, three teams were selected to have access to the 45k match-funding pool, generously provided by the Wellington City Council.  


    With the support of our active partners, the LCC programme helped all teams refine their business case, connect with mentors, build their networks, and launch their campaigns. See what they did below:

    LCC Jam Day

    4 June, Collider at the Biz Dojo

    The Low Carbon Challenge Jam Day is the first event where teams met collaborators, advisors, even potential users and customers. They garner insight and validation on their venture. Generously supported by EECA.

    The Enspiral Teamwork Clinic

    June 9th, Collider at the Biz Dojo

    The teams outline their business plan with Enspiral coaches, and identify their needs and opportunities for growth. The coaches help the teams get a better understanding of how to work well together and what areas of their business they need to focus on.

    The Akina Business Model Clinic

    June 18th, Collider at the Biz Dojo

    Teams work with expert startup mentors who ask pointy questions and give feedback on their business model. Using the Social Lean canvas, the focus is on UVP, Unfair Advantage, Customer Segments, Channels and Key Metrics.

    The BNZ and Deloitte Finance Clinic

    June 23rd, Collider at the Biz Dojo

    Teams get a better understanding of their financial model and business case. Expert small business finance advisors from BNZ will help teams assess how debt and capital can enable growth. Deloitte private financial advisors help teams analyse their business case.

    The Deloitte Lounge Dragons’ Nest

    30th June, Deloitte Partner's Lounge

    The Nest is a collaboration-focused and more “nurturing” take on a Dragons’ Den. Our teams pitch to Dragons - Wellington’s top business and community leaders. Dragons offer constructive feedback and advice.

    The Flick Electric Co. Marketing Clinic

    July 5th, Flick Electric Co.

    The great team at Flick Electric Co. will give the teams constructive feedback on their high level marketing strategy, brand, communication, and promotion.

    The PledgeMe Crowdfunding Clinic

    16th July, Collider at the Biz Dojo

    The LCC Teams receive in-depth advice and support from crowdfunding experts, to help build or improve their crowdfunding campaigns. This includes tips on writing a campaign page, engaging with their crowd, refining their communications strategy, and filming their campaign video.

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